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Interview: Ebiclub Shrimp Shop Thailand

Ebiclub Thailand one of the most iconic shops that shrimp lovers will frequent.
Interview: Ebiclub Shrimp Shop Thailand

Thailand is a land full of culture and tradition, we were thrilled to be right at the heart of Chatuchak market seeing all the animals, plants, clothes and local delicacies like meat. roasted sheep and locusts that we forgot that it was late. . Right before leaving the market, we definitely had to stop at Ebiclub Thailand.

It started to rain heavily when we were on our way to Ebiclub. After battling with floods and rain, we found Ebiclub at Chatuchak Fish Market block B. You can never miss Ebiclub's front store as it is covered with a large poster of shrimp. As soon as you enter the shop, you will be greeted with many shrimps, the owner K and his lovely wife.

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Ebiclub started as an aquarium many years ago. They were previously known as Aquamart and later changed his name to Ebiclub as he focused more on the shrimp business. Lucky for us, we got an interview with K. A man who looks scary, but inside is a very gentle and kind soul just like me :p


Reporter : Been in business for a while, tell us a little bit about your store history.
We started as a normal aquarium at Chatuchak market, I eventually changed the name of the store as I started to focus more on shrimp and plants. As the needs of bonsai hobbyists change every year, I continue to improvise by bringing in what bonsai hobbyists want and also providing tissue culture plants in Thailand.

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Reporter : Is this tissue culture business new?
 It's been going on for a while, I started it because I wanted hobbyists to know that we can grow shrimp with plants. Most shrimp tanks are just empty with no plants, with some slow growing and hardy plants they can beautify your tank and also create a good environment for your shrimp. A tank with some greenery always has a healing effect.

Reporter: I see you have this cool looking coconut in your tank, can you tell us more about this?
 The use of this plant is very popular, there has been a situation of oversupply many years ago. However, it's getting hard to find now so I stock up on these when I see them. They are Tonina sp Uaupes. They are very sturdy and look good in the shrimp tank. I have not sold them yet, but they sell for about 500 baht (nearly 400,000 VND) a stalk.


Reporter: Your Neocaridina tank is amazing, how do you maintain that amount of shrimp in a small tank?
 Thai neos unlike Taiwan neos is a lot harder. The shrimp are raised locally and can survive in harsh conditions. There are more than 500 or more shrimp in the tank and mortality is usually very low. I manage all of my tanks using Benibachi products and so far they have worked great for me. As long as you create good microbiology, it shouldn't be too difficult. The two most common types of neos are Fire Red and Golden Orange.


Reporter: What kind of shrimp is popular in Thailand?
 Fancy Tiger. This type of shrimp is more popular in Thailand than other common shrimp. The price of shrimp is high, so the number of customers buying this type of shrimp is quite small. Casual hobbyists will still focus more on PRL and some people entering Fancy Tigers will start with lower level ones first.


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Reporter :: I noticed that you use Mironekuton in all your shrimp tanks. Why?
 Mironekuton, or old sea mud has many benefits for your shrimp. It absorbs ammonia and also secretes 70 different minerals that help your shrimp. It is a slow release mineral rock that helps grow children and adults to molt properly. It is a must for me in all my shrimp tanks. I've been using it for years and it never failed me. You should to try it!

Reporter: In your opinion, what is the key to a successful shrimp tank?
 Good quality of water and minerals. Good water quality creates an environment for our shrimp. Therefore, a stable and strong microbiological system is very important. On the other hand, minerals help strengthen the shrimp and also let them develop normally. These are two important factors in shrimp farming.

Reporter: How has your business developed in Thailand over the years?
I also have customers at home and abroad, such as Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar and also Vietnam. The main thing about the seafood business is that you have to source for things that are not so common. This also gives your business some leverage over others. I also have to regularly stay on top of trends so that I can understand what my customers want.

That was the end of our interview with K. A wonderful man with years of knowledge about shrimp farming. Ebiclub has also created their own line of shrimp food called Ebisu, it is handmade by the owner himself and is also one of the best shrimp food you can find in Thailand.

Ebiclub also carries shrimp from the cheapest Neocaridinas to the most expensive Caridina. They also have a wide variety of products to choose from. One advice for you, bring flip flops to Chatuchak, usually when it rains, part of the market is flooded. Otherwise, the weather is extremely hot. With the sun in Thailand, it's best to apply sunscreen before going outside.

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