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Anubias, Bucep melts Cause And How To Fix It

Hello, in this article NuoiTep.Com shares with you about the problem of rotted aquatic plants and Bucep and how to fix it in the most concise and complete way.

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The rot or the bacteria visit?

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In fact, there is no rot or bacteria here, but it comes from your lake

• So what is rotten spirit? That's when your pond's microbiology collapses (how important is microbiology, you can read articles on microbiology on the website)

The cause of the collapse of the microbiome

• Weather changes in water temperature affect the lake's habitat

• Using chemicals of unknown origin such as killing moss, bactericide, water fertilizer

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• The filter is not good, microorganisms are overloaded, so toxins are not handled in time

• Excessive water change causes a large loss of microorganisms and shocks the tank environment

How to fix

• Use a full cotton secondary filter to filter out residue and fine dust so as not to affect the main filter to keep the microbiological system the most stable (at this time we do not need to clean the main filter, just affect the secondary filter)

• Only 20-30% water should be changed once

• Keep the tank temperature stable

• Use high quality filter material to store abundant microorganisms

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• Limit the use of chemicals


So does this mass melts phenomenon spread?

• The answer is to spread only in that lake environment because of the collapse of the microflora. At this point, you take it out to melts the oil off the tree and clean the filter and run the cycle again from the beginning

• If the plant is rotted, spray it with water to melts it, no need to soak the chemical and throw it in a stable microbiological pond, I promise it won't spread to another lake and don't need to use chemicals to soak and kill bacteria because of it. Not bacteria like people think.

Wishing you all a beautiful aquarium in the new year and no more nightmares

NuoiTep.Com sincerely thank you Thien The shared this information to the website and all aquarists

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