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CO2 for Aquatic Plants | Which Type Should I Use?

CO2 is arguably the most important element in a planted aquarium. It is necessary for the respiration and growth of all aquatic plants

There are two types of co2 on the market today:

Co2 fire prevention

LIVE Here it has 2 types:

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- The type of co2 has the smell of sugar cane (unknown ingredients)

- Type of co2 with alcohol smell (unknown ingredients)

Pure Co2

– Type Co2 2.8 (purity 99.8%) used for the field of mig welding technology.

– Type CO2 3.0 (purity: 99.9%) used in the field of food technology.

– Type CO2 5.0 (purity: 99.999%) used in laboratory analysis

So what is the difference between pure Co2 and extinguishing co2?

Co2 fire fighting:

Both types of sugar cane or alcohol smell cause viscous formation in the effervescent block when used for a long time, which is a gradual microbial death, but most people do not notice this problem.

Co2 cane sugar or alcohol smell here, we don't know the ingredients, so the problem of bringing them into the lake will affect the ecosystem more or less, causing an excess of toxins, affecting plants.

Pure Co2

Co2 2.8 (I haven't used it yet)

Co2 3.0 (this is what I'm using, now it's the 3rd year)

Co2 5.0 (I really want to use it but the price is shocking)

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So what are the advantages of pure co2?

- Pure Co2 smells like fresh water gas

- Pure Co2 with clear ingredients and no foreign impurities that affect the ecosystem, affect plants

- Pure Co2 never becomes viscous at the effervescent block, even if 1-2 years you do not clean the effervescent, it is still in the same condition as new, even if it is only slightly stained after using time. It's only a long time (it must be 2 years here to clean the effervescent once, when cleaning it just needs to be sprayed with water to be new again)

I used to use co2 to fight fires before

– Extremely weak sensory microflora

– Bucep often suffers from the problem of broken leaves floating on the surface of the lake

– Trees often have problems with rotting, stem scabs in aphids

– Bucep is poisoned, the tip of the new leaf has broken off, the roots are weak or rotten

– Effervescent co2 with a lot of new test kits turned green

When switching to pure co2

- Extremely strong microflora

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– No slime, plaque in the effervescent, effervescent is always in like-new condition (if your effervescent is exposed to light, harmful mosses and brown algae will stick as happens in the trees in the lake, due to the effervescence. is to mix T so it will be white forever)

– No more bucep leaves floating on the lake surface, trees also have less stem rot, stem scab, strong and healthy growth of roots and shoots.

– If effervescent with a small amount, the test kit has turned green or yellow

– Play less gas than co2 fire fighting

The price of pure co2 3.0 is a bit expensive

- Here I would like to not disclose the price, because the price I pump will be a little different from you. But it won't be unplayable. You find the pump address yourself and consult the price (because depending on the facility, each locality will vary in price)

– How to pump co2 is enough?

3 liter tank: Pumping into dc > 2kg is enough

9 liter tank: Pumping into dc > 5kg is enough


Due to the high price, you should pay attention to this issue to optimize the amount of money spent

Please note the problem when buying aluminum co2 bottles from brands such as ista, up aqua or iron pots imported from China. The first gas in the tank has the smell of fresh water gas because abroad they don't play fire fighting to pump into the tank like me. Why is the new pot bought to play delicious, but when I go to recharge the gas, the quality of the tree goes down and gradually declines.

NuoiTep.Com sincerely thank you Thien The shared this information to the website and all aquatic players.

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