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Sharing Successful Bucep Cultivation Experience

Bucep aquatic plants are plants that originate from the island nation of Indonesia, are imported plants, and are imported by many individuals for circulation throughout the country.

How to set lake bucep

My lake set 5 liters of manado and 2 liters of ada mixed well and without any core. The goal is for the foundation to be airy and the conditioner is evenly distributed. Ceramic substrates are also ideal habitats for background microorganisms. The purpose of having a little substrate is to keep the pH of the aquarium.

Lamp: 30-40w/100 liters of lake water, just need a mid-range light to play with normal colors (chihiros a1, chihiros a2, odyssea slim x...).

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Hanging height 30cm from the light to the water surface, from the water surface to the tree 35-45cm

Temperature: water 25-26 degrees is best
The reason is because I find that at this temperature, the plant will grow relatively quickly and when it comes to the hot season, there is no sweating phenomenon (up to 28 degrees, can I play DC? The answer is yes if I set it according to my instructions. But stretch is of course not equal because the plant at high temperature will absorb it less and hot water will make the conditioner release faster)

Just like when you put tea in a cup of hot water and a glass of cold water, the tea in the hot cup will release faster. The operating principle of subdivision and foundation is similar. And when released quickly, but the plant absorbs slowly, it will cause overnutrition, not to mention the case that for some reason the plant cannot absorb this substance because it is overwhelmed by the other substance, or the water is too hard...)

Co2 should use 99.9% without impurities to avoid water poisoning

Water manure: You only need to care about N, P, K, so you don't have to worry about microelements, you can use aquavitro's iron called propel to add 2-3 ml per week to 100 liters of lake water. (about my water fertilizer NuoiTep.Com will share details on how to effectively add water in the next post, remember to follow)

If you use seachem's NPK, you have to mix it up according to the person so it's a bit confusing for newcomers. (NuoiTep.Com will share how to mix Seachem's water in the next post)

I introduce to you a water fertilizer full of NPK and also iron, mg that is the type JBL macroelements (This type you only need to fill 3ml/day / 100 liters of lake water in the first month, after 1 month it will still be 3ml but on holidays) this bottle is only 250k/250ml and 420k/500ml to use gas.

Processed water fertilizers on the market are sold by sellers, I don't know what they mix, how many ingredients, sometimes I have the urge to change the ingredients, then I buy it and put it in the pond, it changes, leading to slippage. color or shock, then only I can bear. So for me, I never use those types. The company's ingredients are very clear and they are big brands in the world, so when playing, the feeling of safety will be pushed up and will increase the player's level because I know what I'm lighting, how much dose I need. beautiful start, how much does the tree show. Whatever you play, you should hold the handle, not the tongue, but give the whole lake to the seller of water.

Microbiology: Starbility, pristine, seed, remediation, biodigest if using this type, it is best to add biotrace tubes (if using these microorganisms, 1 month add 5-10ml to stop adding more money to the tank, but it doesn't work. nothing more because micro-organisms self-reproduce, the needle is only for initialization or additional illustration only)

I personally think it's ok but it's so rotten

Microbiology extra bio plays like not playing

Water exchange 50-60% 1 week split in half or 1 time (if the tank has a chiller, change it once, don't be afraid because the temperature pulls back quickly the environment will quickly balance)

The water flow in the tank is just enough, it is best to use the out funnel so that the plant does not get shocked. Minimize the tree swaying with the water because then the tree will be stressed because it is more worried about survival than growth.

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Minerals: then I use nutrafin (first month to 120-130, second month to 150-180 and now I keep this level) water used is still tap water without treatment input tds is 80

Filter: is the heart of the aquarium, so the better the filter material, the better. The way you set up your tank as above has partly shouldered the microbiological stability for you from the ceramic background, so the filter material is good for you. Personally, any filter material is fine, but filter cotton must be used jbl because it does not clog the line even though we forget to clean the filter and can be washed to reuse it, then when we rub the jar and soak it in water, it will be as white as new (I recommend that you try it once) It will be addictive.)


How to Grow Bucep Beautifully

Why did I set the tank with only 2 liters of ada for a 100-liter tank? Come here, let's find out because the sellers will never reveal this.

Bucep needs very little care and is very bright, you can notice that the slightly obscured bucep bushes will be more beautiful and shiny and grow stronger.

Understanding the above problem, bucep began to divide into 2 paths or 2 directions to play

Direction 1: Nourishing and lights

You often hear word of mouth that micro-acupuncture with a lot of bucep color increase is true, but why did I say above that I don't need to care about micronutrients (this problem, you read section 2 below, you will understand)

When a bucep bush you nourish strongly on it will have 2 directions: if it eats it, it will become intensely colored, and if it does not eat dc, the phenomenon of overeating begins to happen and I don't need to solve anything. I like it more because this problem is no longer strange to us.

If we play trees in this direction, we often set the foundation and foundation to add strong nutrients to the tree. At this point, the survival factor in a pond with a strong background is that you have to plant a lot of trees or cover the background with plants that are a vital element in a newly set aquarium.

If the aquarium is set in this way, the lake will have a very beautiful time for about 6-8 months, then gradually fade and the lake tends to go down.

Another problem is that the pond with a strong foundation will periodically have a massive release of nutrients, causing excess nutrients, leading to washing plants that we do not know that it is bacteria or decay.

Bucep is a plant that needs light, medium or weak nutrients, so when stimulated to color, their rhizomes will decline very quickly and the next phenomenon is broken tops that can't keep the stem.


It is the same bush before and after conditioning, the color is completely different, but looking back, the rhizome is also completely different. In the next pictures, you can see that the color is very harsh, but the price is that the rhizomes decay very quickly and it is difficult to play on the dust.

12 1

Everyone wants to have a big and big color bucep, right? But the sellers often tell to prune the tops to keep the seeds, or the rare goods only sell the tops but sell dust who can afford to buy them. (It's just to deceive us, but actually following this nourishing path is very difficult, it is very difficult to get up to dust except for standard genes such as ghost or a few dust with good vitality)


In lakes like this, > 80% you see all odd tops or a small branch

Don't dream of buying a thin top to get a harsh color, it's really difficult, on the assembly that number is only counted on the fingers. The rest just have to buy more

There are types of bucep when biting to stretch, the seller starts to give a beautiful name and an expensive price, but in terms of genes, it may not be pure, not as standard as ghost's, so it is even more difficult to get thin.

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Next is playing in this direction, the lake will often be attacked by moss, causing loss of beauty because the lake is always in a state of adequate nutrition to the point of excess.

Lakes like this are so hard to play with bucep and wax

In short, playing in this direction will be very difficult to maintain and very expensive. So you guys go down to section 2, I will guide you guys to play bucep mixed up and not lose to bucep with high id.

2nd direction: Safe play

-First of all, I repeat that bucep is a plant that needs to be nourished and light at medium and weak levels, so you set the aquarium as the first part I shared, then just pay attention to NPK because NPK is enough for the plants to eat. kind of microelement

Please think that NPK is rice and cake (because it is a very small substance, even if it doesn't have it, it won't die). Then we eat rice when we are sad, then we eat cakes. If we play the nutrition style, it's like people have too much substance, which causes obesity, which is not good for health

If you set this type of tank and fill it with your NPK type, JBL macroelements like I share, add more from time to time envy for plants to have vitamins and use minerals nutrafin It is basically complete nutrition for an aquarium.

The advantage of this way of playing is that I can manage each type of substance I put in the lake, if I have excess, I will draw water out, if I lack, I will add more (note that the brand is dense, so I need to inch every milliliter and then increase it day by day. friend )

bucep5 1

With this way of playing, dx, dx and bucep play together carefree, guys, whichever type is smooth.

The last important factor if playing a safe pool set:

The root bucep is very sensitive and even a single swinging snail can damage it and rot its roots. So when the aquarium is finished, minimize moving or taking pictures to help bucep develop in the best way.

The water flow in the bucep lake should be used out of the funnel to minimize the swaying of the tree as I said above

In this lake the first month or at most 2 months, the tree has not adapted yet, so don't be discouraged. After the 2nd or 3rd month, it adapts, then the bucep starts to thrive, the color is not inferior to the id.

Bucep you just need to play for its leaves to shine, the better the ability to reflect the light, then when using a mid-range 3-in-1 led bulb, it will also go up like sp blue, blue dream, metalic of all kinds.

Playing this way for a long time, you will find dc in the pile of no id with trees that are not inferior to ghost, helena…. and then you are free to name it as you like. But you have to be patient. Aquarius can't be rushed.

My lake has trees that are a bit dark, like sp blue, blue dream, there are trees that color like ghost but just trees without id. I am very limited in holding it because I let it develop. I'm just a player. Because I myself have experienced most of the accessories of aquatic products, my experience is more or less of the non-mediocre category.

NuoiTep.Com sincerely thank you Thien The shared this information to the website and all aquatic players.

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