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Experience Raising Shrimps Without Chiller

The article is based on my actual testing process and has succeeded in 4 groups of shrimp including (redbee, blackbee, PRL, bluebolt, kingkong mosura)
Experience Raising Shrimps Without Chiller

For those of you who want to access but not much economy. Any suggestions are sincerely accepted!!!

The article only shares about the temperature issue, the rest of the basic parameters to raise bee shrimp must meet the requirements.

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RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE NO MORE THAN 28According to me, I have been raising, the temperature in the south of the lake in the hot season reaches a peak of 28.4 degrees, in the rainy season it is 25 and 26 degrees, and in the new year it is 23 and 25 degrees (day-night difference).

Why is it possible to raise shrimp according to the temperature that changes according to the climate?
As far as you know, the ideal conditions for raising and spawning bee shrimp are from 23-25 degrees, but in the natural environment, the shrimp still live at a natural temperature, (so animals in general have a breeding season). , and the non-breeding season) the bee shrimp is still alive at a temperature of 27 28 but does not reproduce or according to me, it is less fertile, currently still elects and reproduces with the clip below (for inexperienced recreational farmers). For example, you in Da Lat raise bee shrimp according to the weather because the climate is cool, so you don't need chiller and air conditioner, but when the temperature drops below 20 shrimps do not spawn or have few spawns.

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By now, you already know how to raise them, right?


Choose the time to drop shrimp: The most suitable time to drop shrimp is on cool days, in the rainy season (about 26 degrees can be released) so that the shrimp can get used to it, because most of the shrimp in the store are raised in a stable cold environment. (Buy at 23-24 temperature and drop into lake 27-28, it's instant.

Choose a shrimp variety, you should choose a reputable store, a healthy breed, and choose a commercial size, do not choose a size too big because it may not have high resistance.


Save the initial cost of chiller (air-conditioner), electricity bill, (problem when power outage, chiller broken).

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Defect: Water evaporates quickly, my solution is to fish a water bottle and use a float to take care of the water.

The long-term continuous evaporation of water and self-care will change lake parameters such as TDS, so it is recommended to measure and adjust the parameters in a few weeks.

Season change: climate change will cause the lake to become infected, so there should be antibacterial drugs and water filter powder to overcome.

The purpose of this article is to share with you who are economically limited but want to approach passion, I still recommend farming in the best possible conditions. Any suggestions please comment below to improve. Sincerely thanks!

Updated on October 30, 2020
In July 2020, I have set up 1 tank of prl shrimp without chiiler and I live in Da Nang.
Lake set should be ADA v2, use nutrafin mineral, TDS to stay ~ 100. In the lake I planted a little serrated willow & mini taiwan moss. Use external filter HBL802 and 1 Bio filter. use extra fan to cool the water


The average temperature of the lake is from 26-28 degrees Celsius
In the tank, I have released 12 PRL and since then I haven't died yet.
Of course, when rearing at this temperature, the eggs were not found, until mid-September when the storm No. 5 came, the temperature dropped to about 24-25 degrees. and one of my PRLs hugged an egg. Unfortunately, a week later, the temperature went up again so she emptied all the eggs. Shrimp farming without chiller is indeed a bit difficult. But with stable water parameters, they still live well. Hopefully next time in the rainy season the temperature will drop and they will continue to hold eggs. I will continue to update the situation in the near future. Remember to follow up. Thank you for your interest.

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