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How to Raise Colored Shrimp | Hard But Easy

Just know the principles and data that you can raise simple aquarium color shrimp. Let's learn a few small experiences when raising aquatic shrimps
How to Raise Colored Shrimp | Hard But Easy

NuoiTep.Com General Articles For Beginner Shrimp Cultivation

I. Choosing Shrimp When Starting

1. Red shrimp, RC shrimp, Red cherry, cherry shrimp, Sakura shrimp: easy to raise, raised in ornamental pots also live and spawn a lot and quickly if adapted to water. If you want a beautiful red, feed mulberry leaves and feed with a black substrate, no need to add minerals because the minerals in the water are enough. No fan needed if below 30 degrees

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2. Yellow shrimp, neon striped yellow shrimp: Easy to raise like RC shrimp, should not be mixed background because after a while the shrimp will die. It's best to use a background that specializes in playing shrimp (old is fine) as your choice. With oxygen aeration, shrimp will be stronger, add minerals to peeled shrimp, if lack of minerals will die slowly. The appropriate temperature must be from 28 or below to quickly embrace the eggs. Some children when fed mulberry leaves can turn green.

3. Rili shrimp (assorted colors): It's very easy to raise the industry, old is fine. No need to add minerals, breed the above types.

4. Sakura orange shrimp: Easy to raise like a yellow shrimp, feeding color mulberry leaves will be beautiful.

5. Pumpkin shrimp, pumpkin, zucchini, yellow squash… This is a type of shrimp that is mutated from yellow shrimp and blue shrimp. Very beautiful, raised the same as the above.

6. Blue shrimp (some people call it Blue pearl shrimp). Breeding like RC shrimp to beautiful color or not depends on the diet. Just brought back will not see the beauty of this species. If you want a beautiful color, you should feed mulberry leaves, carrots, cucumbers...

Shrimps such as: Chocolate, Aura Blue, Snowball, ... There is also a similar farming method.

Colored shrimp lines – names and ways to distinguish them

RC shrimp:
 This is a type of ornamental shrimp suitable for new players because of its low price and does not require too high a farming environment. The identification for this shrimp line is light red body, legs and antennae are not red.

SRC shrimp: SRC shrimp, also known as Super Red shrimp, has a full body of deep red color, except for legs and beard, it is not red, this type of shrimp costs about 8-10k / 1 child, easy to raise, life 1-2 years depending on the culture conditions. (identification of dark red body and red legs 50-70%)

Fire red shrimp: As a species of shrimp with a red body, there are those that carry a good gene of red lead to the toenails of the shrimp. This beautiful shrimp is selected from a lot of good genes from the red shrimp line to produce a good individual with a red body. The identifying feature for this line is deep red to the feet.

Blood Mary Shrimp: The identity of this strain is red from head to toe and red inside the shell of the shrimp. Because of the red from the inside of the shell, this shrimp will have a deep red color like Ma.u. This shrimp line is selected from a lot of beautiful individuals from the Fire red line so they are quite rare and few sellers.

Blue Dream shrimp are beautiful ornamental shrimps that are easy to raise, do not require too strict environmental conditions, their lifespan can last from 1 and a half to 2 years, The whole body is covered with a strip of turquoise color, this is also a feature. speak of the value of Blue Dream shrimp, the darker the turquoise color, the higher the value of the type of shrimp.

II. What Background And Composition? 

For those who are just starting out, what kind of background should they choose?

The main operating environment of the shrimp is the background, so choosing a safe platform is also essential

+ Subdivision: Should choose base fertilizers such as Gex, Control soil, used fertilizers are also very safe for them.

+ space: Ornamental shrimp are small crustaceans, the maximum size is only 2cm or more, so when raising shrimp in a fish tank, you should create

Give them a place to hide, to prevent the shrimp from becoming delicious bait for the other fish. If raising alone, we should choose a tank with a layout

open to easily monitor their growth eg Iwagumi, simple bonsai

III. Environment

This is the most important factor to help shrimp live healthy, beautiful color. Because they are one of the pets that are quite sensitive to the aquatic environment (not as easy as aquarium fish). Therefore, provide a quality water source, regularly change the water for them to ensure a healthy and nutritious living environment. 

Must ensure a clean water environment to keep the shrimps healthy

According to experts, water with a pH of 5-8, with a hardness of about 1-6, is the ideal condition for the best growth of ornamental shrimp. If the pH rises higher than 7.5, it will cause many dangers for ornamental shrimp to live. 

If you see that the ornamental shrimp shows signs of swimming very weak, always lethargic and tired, immediately change the water for them. The cause of this situation is most likely to appear pathogens in the water, if not treated immediately, within a few hours or a few days, the shrimp will die in mass. The color of the ornamental shrimp changes color, fades a lot, indicating that the water quality is decreasing a lot, what to do right now: 

  • - Clean the dirt under the tank floor
  • Change 1/3 of the water in the tank.

It is recommended to use the water source through the RO filter if available, the water from the well or the aquarium before farming should let it take some time for the water to balance and reduce toxins.

Currently on the market there are drugs that remove toxins in the water, if your water is not stable, you can use Seachem Prime to detoxify before releasing the shrimp.

* PH and TDS can be checked with a pen as it is commercially available 

O2-rich farming environment will help shrimps get stronger, this one, you can install an Oxygen generator to supplement the shrimp.

Buy water meters. This is quite important when you want to play professional shrimp. These instruments can measure the following contents: Ammonia, Nirtite, Nitrate. It is recommended to use liquid meters instead of meters because they are very easy to damage the probe if they do not know how to use and maintain.

Microbiology: Very important in shrimp aquarium, good bacteria help clear water, no fishy smell, healthy shrimp. Microorganisms often pay attention in

filter material and in the lake. When you clean the tank to change the water, you should only change 1 to 2 times a week, each time is 30 - 40% of water to avoid death.

microbial system. Do not change 100% water and clean the filter at the same time

Microorganisms can be supplemented with commercially available ones

Temperature of live shrimp from 25 - 31 degrees Celsius, the lake is too hot, the shrimp will die because the shrimp lived in the stream

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You can cool the pool with a fan available at Aqua Shops

Shrimp spawning temperature at threshold 26 At this rate, the adult female shrimp will begin to hold the eggs and reproduce after 1 month

IV. What Supplements?

Minerals: Because shrimp are crustaceans, they increase in size through the process of peeling, so minerals are essential for them, minerals can help the peeling process of shrimp.

Shrimp faster, helps the shell to harden quickly after peeling because this period is very dangerous for shrimp when the new shell is not strong enough.

attacked from other pets in the lake

Minerals on the market today are very diverse, prices range from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand depending on the type, if you are just starting to raise you.

You can absolutely choose for yourself the most affordable bottle of mineral water

Multivitamins : Supplement the shrimp with necessary nutrients, help the shrimp stay healthy

V. Food

Shrimps are omnivores, but when choosing food, you should choose vegetables for shrimp, you should only add protein-rich foods once a week because

Protein-rich foods can cause your tank to explode with flukes and water bugs

1. Vegetables: carrots , cucumbers , sliced potatoes , vegetables , mulberry leaves , etc . Before feeding the shrimp, you should wash it and dip it in water

Hot with a little salt added to remove dirt and make food soft and easy to digest

2. Food pellets such as algae , vegetables , soybean shells . advantages of easy storage, can monitor the amount of food to avoid excess,

form, easy to buy

Shrimp can eat the shell after peeling, this is also a natural amount of calcium for them

When the shrimps of the same kind will eat them, but I advise you to take out the dead shrimp to avoid the case that the dead shrimp will spread germs.

sick for others to eat

BECAUSE. Common Illnesses and dangers

When the environment is unstable, polluted, shrimp can get sick and die, common diseases when raising shrimp.

+ long-term death: is the phenomenon of shrimp infected with bacteria or viruses

 Can be cured with Aquarium medicine – 1 of the price fluctuates 10k for 1 tablet / 50 liters of water

+ Osteoarthritis: The manifestation of shrimp with muscle turbidity is that the half of the body "tail" is milky white due to infection of the shrimp, some time after

infected shrimp will die, muscle turbidity can be transmitted

Isolate and use Baytril with a formula of 1ml for 50l of water

+ Parasites and Fungi: can be seen with the eyes because parasites and fungi usually stick to the outside of the shrimp's shell

Isolation and salt bath API Aquarium Salt, 1 scoop dissolves 1L of lake water


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Dragonfly larvae, aquatic predators. When you find them, you should catch them immediately because they can eat all your shrimps 

San , outbreaks when the lake has an excess of protein-rich food, eggs cling to driftwood and rocks when we bring them back to the set, they should be processed through sticky rice water to remove them.

Removed, flukes in the aquarium look very small, they burrow in the background and only work when the lake has no light

You can trap with traps on the market "in my opinion, the glass trap is very effective" or use benibachi zero with a high dose.

1 pack for 50L of water, safe for shrimp

Before using the drug, you should catch snails if you have also raised snails because fluke killers affect snails

Chemical  Shrimp are very sensitive especially to chemicals, only a small amount of dishwashing liquid, washing powder, etc. can also give your shrimp paste

you fly in 1 note 

For this part, just pay attention to wash your hands before coming into contact with the water in the lake 


On a not so beautiful day , the local insect handlers visited the house to spray the "malaria drum" with salt spray.

Just a glance will send some shrimp to the promised land, so it's best if you get a notice of insect treatment, cover up.

Be careful on the surface of the shrimp pond so that the mosquito spray does not fly into the lake, turn off the oxygen generator because the oxygen aerator is the fastest source of poison to the lake.

Do not use mosquito spray in the place where the oxygen machine is located

+ if the shrimp is poisoned: If the shrimp is poisoned, it will swim around the lake, swinging around, and begin to weaken and die

You turn off the oxygen machine immediately, if possible, turn off the waterfall filter if any, change the 80% water in the lake as quickly as possible, if the new shrimp is sick

Poisonous, can save a few children with mild illness, but if it is too severe, there is no cure.

Water purifier

When using a water purifier, you should cover the printhead of the filter with a seal to prevent small shrimp from being sucked into the filter.

VII. Notes When Breeding With Fish

If you want to keep shrimp with fish, before you start, please refer to the characteristics of the fish you plan to keep with aquarium shrimp.

Fish, any species will eat what is in their mouth, so when raising medium, you should choose small and gentle fish lines, pay attention to the lines of discus, choke .... They can attack and eat adult shrimp.

Although snails eat snails slowly, they are predatory, so sometimes they also attack shrimp if the shrimp is not careful

ornamental shrimp: Absolutely not because this species is very gluttonous, they attack both fish and shrimp and destroy your plants too

Revealing the experience of raising ornamental shrimp with less mortality

When changing habitat: As soon as you buy ornamental shrimp, you should absolutely not tear the bag and release it immediately. It is necessary to keep the bag of shrimp like that in the tank for about 15 minutes, then gradually add water in the tank so that the shrimp get used to the living environment, avoiding the situation that they are shocked and die.

Note about food for ornamental shrimp: The food of ornamental shrimp is mainly: algae, algae pellets, carrots, cucumbers, mulberry leaves... Before adding new foods, you need to suck and clean them all. all excess food and dirt to make the water environment clean and free of bacteria.

Notes on changing the amount of water in the aquarium: It is not recommended to change all the water in the tank at once, but only change a little (about 10% in a week). When you see them crawl into a corner and swim up and down, it is likely that they are poisoned. Immediately aerate oxygen and change the water continuously to detoxify the pet shrimp. 

In general, keeping aquarium fish is easier to do than caring for other types of aquarium fish. However, because it is one of the small pets and quite sensitive to the environment, you should be very careful about the habitat as well as the food provided for them. Hopefully this article will help you take care of and raise your aquarium fish to breed more and grow better every day.

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